Save and Open locally and versions - "Local"

Save or Open your own files and versioning as well.
You can keep going from your latest file and comment will help you to keep in mind.



  • Set as local < right click mouse button >
    Rigging processing is separated body and face hierarchy.
    It will always open up the latest your local file, if you would like to open previous version?
    No problem, see the blew



  1. To see the asset versions < click >
    It will show all version which it has been saved so far, you can take any versions to fix or keep going for your rigging.

  2. open other versions < double click >
    It will show your all comments when you published and you can double click to open body or face rigging file

How do you know that it has been set as local or server?
If you set as server ----> button label shows up “Publish“
if you set as local ------> button label shows up “Version up“