Publishing workflows - geos

Define how many your asset has heads and set initialize to set hierarchy for organization.


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and Please see the image before starting below



1. Define head amounts and Set hierarchy

Single Head

No need to change any value if your asset has a one head.




Multi Heads




<side>Head_<index>_grp is the naming policy



2. Tags and rename, parent - for face

Pipeline flows


After building the Set Hierarchy and data,

It is for rigging and lighting department, in addition, GeoMan will do below list

1. add tags

2. auto renaming

3. auto parenting

It will lead you to get ready to publish quickly than manual work.


How to use? Simple!
select geos → press “>>“ button → set “Target Head“ → press “SET“ button


Important Points for EyeLashes and Brows before tags and rename, parent
Please combine as one object for the each side of the head.

Each side head only allows a single object.
ex> If you created multiple geos , you must combine as one object

You may have a question , when it will occur that multiple objects are in the list view?
like this?



3. Tags and rename, parent - for body and headCut

Case of getting asset from clients - manual setup

If your client doesn’t want to change any hierarchy or vertexes orders of geos,
no need to cut off head. Please follow below steps.


Case of studios - WORKMANs platform ,

After Extract a head Geo from body Geo, your geo vertexes order will be changed, please keep in mind.


Same all step like face tags and rename, parent


Extract a head Geo from body geo:
This is for rigging dept of face rigging.
It will help to reduce a lot of processing.
How to use

  • Extract a head Geo from body geo






4. publish or version up - local, server side

Please see how to use PostMan


Congratulation for your first publish!